Theme Stream 4/10/19- Episode 28: Themeless

  • 10:00pm I Broke My Saw by Love Tractor on Themes From Venus (DB Recs), 1988
  • 10:05pm Dirty Boots (8 Track Demo) by Sonic Youth on Disappearer EP (DGC), 1990
  • 10:10pm Slip Inside This House by 13th Floor Elevators on Easter Everywhere (Decal), 1967
  • 10:21pm Memo From Turner by The Rolling Stones on Singles Collection: The London Years (ABKCO), 1989
  • 10:24pm Relax by Petra Haden on Sings: The Who Sell Out (Bar None), 2005
  • 10:27pm White Chocolate Space Egg by Liz Phair on Whitechocolatespaceegg (Matador), 1998
  • 10:32pm Grave Architecture by Pavement on Wowee Zowee (Matador), 1995
  • 10:40pm Gazing by Spring on Spring (RCA), 1971
  • 10:46pm Provocation by Genesis on Extra Tracks 1970-1975 (Rhino [2008]), 1970
  • 10:50pm Jacqueline by The Durutti Column on LC (Factory), 1981
  • 10:52pm Hoppípolla by Sigur Rós on Takk... (EMI), 2005
  • 10:58pm Portrait For Frazer by The Durutti Column on LC (Factory), 1981
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