The New Blues with Brother Bruce 4/12/19

  • 12:01am Haiku Lingo by Shelley Hirsch & David Weinstein on Haiku Lingo (Review Records)
  • 12:19am Duo by Francois Mechali on Le Grenadier Voltigeur (Nato)
  • 12:23am Queen of Spirits by The Pyramids on King of Kings (Pyramid Records)
  • 12:43am After Listening by The Spontaneous Music Ensemble on Challenge (Eyemark)
  • 12:51am Solo Flights by Rolf & Joachim Kuhn Quintet with Karlhanns Berger on Transfiguration (Saba)
  • 1:04am Titan Moon by Evan Parker, Derek Bailey & Han Bennink on The Topography of The Lungs (Otoruku)
  • 1:25am Song For My Lady by Louiz Banks on Spiritual Jazz 5 (Jazzman)
  • 1:29am The Outsider by Kamau Kenyatta on Bigger (Omni Arts)
  • 1:35am Two Bass Hit by The 3 Sounds on Feelin' Good (Blue Note)
  • 1:41am Hair Pie Bake 1 by Captain Beefheart & His Magic Band on Trout Mask Replica (Bizzare/Reprise)
  • 1:45am Longwave by Lumerians on Transmania (Knitting Factory)
  • 1:54am Interview With Mr. Martin by William S. Burroughs on Break Through In Grey Room (Sub Rosa)
  • 1:58am Blow Daddy-O by Pere Ubu on Dub Housing (Chrysalis)
  • 2:02am Taking It Out Of The Ground by Burton Greene Quartet on Burton Greene Quartet (ESP)
  • 2:16am Subnarkotisch by Kammerflimmer Kollektief on Jinx (Staubgold)
  • 2:26am Blues For Bird by Lee Konitz on 3/27/65 Charlie Parker 10th Memorial Concert Recorded Live At Carnegie Hall (Limelight)
  • 2:35am Carr-Kann by Ron Anderson's PAK on Secret Curve (Tzadik)
  • 2:45am The New Figaro by Per-Henrik Wallin, Lars-Goran Ulander & Peter Olsen on The New Figaro Live At Fasching Vol.1 (Dragon)
  • 3:00am Drums + Clarinet + Guitar + Bass by The Milo Fine Free Jazz Ensemble on Against The Betrayers (Shi Shi WuAi Records)
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