Dr. Chad's Storytelling Time: 5-7-19 BEATS

  • 10:11pm Hospital by modern lovers on The Modern Lovers (sanctuary records)
  • 10:14pm round dance by northern cree singers on dance hard (canyon records)
  • 10:22pm allah wakbar by of and the black company on funky sound of africa (afrodisia)
  • 10:22pm cherry blues by Allen ginsberg on The beat generation 10th anniversary (bbe music)
  • 10:24pm i liked us better by amiri baraka on harrys house (fast speaking music)
  • 10:28pm let me ride by ginger bakers airforce on do what you like (ITM)
  • 10:36pm soul lam pearn by the petch thin thong on sounds of siam (soundway)
  • 10:42pm watch your wived by northern cree singers on it's a cree thing (canyon)
  • 10:44pm dead souls by william burroughs on in dub (echo beach)
  • 10:49pm run to your mama by goat on world music (rocket)
  • 10:50pm uh oh plutonium by Anne Waldman on 100 great poems (WOW records)
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