Classic Jazz Monday’s Monday June 17, 2019 6-8PM

Tom from Way Left sitting in continuing the Stoner rock fest

  • 5:58pm I'll Cut You Down by Uncle Acid & The Deadbeats on Blood Lust (Metal Blade)
  • 6:03pm Jack the Stripper/Fairies Wear Boots by Black Sabbath on Paranoid (Warner)
  • 6:06pm California Crossing by Fu Manchu on California Crossing (Mammoth)
  • 6:12pm Holy Mountain by Sleep on Sleep's Holy Mountain (Earache Records)
  • 6:18pm Subhuman by Blue Oyster Cult on On Your Feet Or On Your Knees (Columbia)
  • 6:26pm Fly by Night/In the Mood by Rush on All The World’s A Stage (Mercury)
  • 6:36pm The Awakening/Paradox by Hawkwind on The 1999 Party Live Chicago Auditorium 1974 (Parlaphone)
  • 6:46pm Rad Revelation by Futurat on Reality Emulation (Slime Street )
  • 6:47pm Happy Death by Dommengang on No Keys (Thrill Jockey)
  • 6:54pm Minstrel in the Gallery by Jethro Tull on Minstrel in the Gallery (Chrysalis)
  • 7:01pm Breaking All The House Rules by Budgie on In For The Kill (Universal)
  • 7:09pm The School Of Instant Pain by Triumvirat on Spartacus (EMI)
  • 7:18pm King of Twilight by Iron Maiden on Best of the B Sides (Eddies Archives)
  • 7:24pm The Enemy Within by Rush on Grace Under Pressure Tour (Mercury)
  • 7:31pm We Used To Know by Jethro Tull on Stand Up (Chrysalis)
  • 7:36pm Tarot Woman by Rainbow on Rising (Polydor)
  • 7:40pm For Yasgur’s Farm by Mountain on The Best of Mountain (Columbia)
  • 7:52pm Pink World by Planet P Project on Pink World (MCA)
  • 7:52pm This Perfect Place by Planet P Project on Pink World (MCA)
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