Mr. Palmer's Rockabilly Radio Show July 29, 2019

  • 10:06pm My Baby Left Me by Elvis Presley on Loud, Fast & Out of Control ( Rhino Entertainment), 1999
  • 10:08pm Smoke! Smoke! Smoke! (That Cigarette) by Merle Travis on The Merle Travis Story - 24 Greatest Hits (CMH Records), 1989
  • 10:11pm Cast Iron Arm by Peanuts Wilson on Cast Iron Arm (Remastered) - Single (Bacci Bros Records), 2012
  • 10:17pm Tell Me Mama by The Bughouse Five on Dark Days Passing (Shaun Murphy), 1996
  • 10:21pm My World Stands Still by Del Bombers on On The Air (Excelsior Records), 1999
  • 10:23pm Evil Six by The Chop Tops on Evil Six (Swillbilly Music), 2001
  • 10:27pm Johnny Got A Boom Boom by Imelda May on Love Tattoo (Ambassador Records), 2008
  • 10:35pm Nine Lives by The Gas House Gorillas on Five Gorillas Walk into a Bar (The Gas House Gorillas), 2008
  • 10:39pm All Through the Night by The Delta Bombers on Howlin (Wild Records), 2011
  • 10:41pm Rockabilly Boogie by Lee Rocker on Night Train to Memphis (feat. Buzz Campbell, Brophy Dale & Jimmy Sage) (chrysalis songs, burnette music, ring a ding music), 2019
  • 10:48pm Help Me Save My Life by Straight 8s on Girl Trouble (Straight 8s), 2013
  • 10:52pm Don't Corkscrew My Heart by Lara Hope & The Ark-tones on Luck Maker (NONE), 2014
  • 10:59pm Rockabilly Blues by Brian Setzer on Rockabilly Riot! All Original (Surfdog, Inc.), 2014
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