Way Left of the Dial Monday August 12, 2019 4-6PM

An all metal covers show !!!!!

  • 3:37pm Beer Drinkers and Hell Raisers by The Supersuckers on Suck It (Acetate)
  • 4:00pm Aces High by Electric Frankenstein on We Will Bury You (TKO Records)
  • 4:04pm Rocker by REO Speedealer on Hell Ain't a Bad Place to Be (Reptillian Records)
  • 4:08pm Another Brick In The Wall Part II by Sasquatch on The Wall Redux (Magnetic Eye Records)
  • 4:12pm Mother by ASG on The Wall Redux (Magnetic Eye Records)
  • 4:16pm If You Have Ghosts by Ghost B.C. on If You Have Ghosts (Republic)
  • 4:21pm Never Say Die by Megadeth on Nativity in Black II (Priority)
  • 4:25pm Run Like Hell by Pallbearer on The Wall Redux (Magnetic Eye Records)
  • 4:32pm Carry On a Wayward Son by Anthrax on For All Kings (Megaforce Records)
  • 4:37pm Neon Knights by Queensryche on Take Cover (Rhino)
  • 4:43pm The Last In Line by Various Artists on Magic A Tribute To Ronnie James Dio (Metal Blade)
  • 4:47pm The Seeker by Rush on Feedback (Anthem)
  • 4:57pm Bomber by Girls School on Best of Motorhead (BMG)
  • 4:57pm Stairway to Heaven by Mastadon on Stairway To Nick St. John (Reprise)
  • 5:06pm A Passage To Bangkok by Billy Talent on 2112 (Anthem)
  • 5:10pm Snowblind by Sleep on Masters of Misery Black Sabbath Tribute (Earache Records)
  • 5:14pm Hereos by Motorhead on Undercover (BMG)
  • 5:21pm Dreamer Deceiver by Steel Prophet on A Tribute To The Priest (Nuclear Blast)
  • 5:24pm Back To Dungraree High by Queens of the Stone Age on Monsters of the Parasol (Interscope)
  • 5:33pm Just Got Paid by UFO on Salentino Cuts (Avalon)
  • 5:36pm Communication Breakdown by Iron Maiden on Best of the B Sides (Eddies Archives)
  • 5:41pm Search and Destroy by Red Hot Chili Peppers on We Will Fall (All Music)
  • 5:42pm Motorhead by Speedealer on Built for Speed (Victory)
  • 5:49pm High Voltage by Electric Frankenstein on We Will Bury You (TKO Records)
  • 5:52pm Anarchy in the U.K. by Motley Crue on Best of (Universal)
  • 5:55pm Hot Burrito #2 by Dinosaur Jr on Green Mind (Sire)
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