Crucial riddems 8-22-2019

  • 7:54pm Uptown top ranking` by Althea and Donna on Uptown top ranking (Virgin)
  • 8:00pm Where Im coming from by Lila Ike on Single (Indigg Nation)
  • 8:04pm Jungle by Jah 9 on New Name (Rorystonelove)
  • 8:07pm Blazin feat Jane Mcgizmo by Koffee on Rapture Ep (Promised Land)
  • 8:12pm One draw by Rita Marley on Who Feels it knows it (Shanachie)
  • 8:15pm Transport connection by Sister Nancy on One Two (techniques)
  • 8:19pm Spiritual Dub by Yabby You on Yabby You meets Black Steel in Ariwa Studio (Ariwa Studio )
  • 8:28pm Jahovah In dub Majesty by The Twinkle Brothers on Dub Massacre Part 1 and and 2 (Twinkle Music)
  • 8:31pm East of the Blue Nile by Addis Pablo on Single (Addis Pablo Music)
  • 8:36pm Thunder Clap by Augustus PAblo on Original Rockers (VP Music)
  • 8:39pm Satta Massagane Dub by Scientist and Dubiterian on Tribute to Augustus Pablo (Dubiterian records)
  • 8:45pm Scavenger Dub by Isreal Vibration on The Gladiators and Isreal Vibrations Live (Genes Cd Company)
  • 8:48pm Licks and Kicks live by Isreal Vibration on The Gladiators and Isreal Vibration live (Genes cd co)
  • 8:53pm PAss The Koutchie by The Mighty Diamonds on crucial regae (Taxi)
  • 8:56pm Ride on Marcus Version by The revolutionairies on drum Sounds; More Gems from the Channel one Dub room 1974-1980 (Pressure Sounds)
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