Episode 116

  • 11:00pm Came 2 Party by W00dy on My Diary (N/A)
  • 11:07pm My Love Is For Real (Kito Jempere Remix) by Wolfram & Haddaway on My Love Is For Real (DFA)
  • 11:15pm Do the Pitchfork by Cheap City on Do the Pitchfork (N/A)
  • 11:15pm death's new pet is a mastodon?!?! by cunabear on give the suffering purpose. make it useful, make it holy (N/A)
  • 11:22pm Aria Of Resilience (Prod. Sentinel) by :3LON on Aria Of Resilience (UNSEELIE)
  • 11:23pm David by Nikki Nair on Morphism (Gobstopper Records)
  • 11:25pm 89 by Lee Gamble on TOTAL SOLIDARITY - benefit compilation for grassroot LGBTQIA+ organizations in Poland (Oramics)
  • 11:30pm Goliath's Twin by Thugwidow on Goliath's Twin (DISPLAY)
  • 11:35pm Drown out the noise with your silence by ose on With & Without (Ghunghru)
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