September 23, 2019

  • 12:05pm 1491 by Jentsch Group No Net on Topics in American History
  • 12:16pm Orbital Resonances by Quinsin Nachoff on Path of Totality
  • 12:25pm Tiny Lights that Move and Speak by Romain Collin on Tiny Lights...
  • 12:31pm The Feeling of Healing (for Steve Grover) by Devin Gray Quartet on Dirigo Rataplan
  • 12:38pm Claire Ritter Story by Ran Blake/Claire Riter on Eclipse Orange
  • 12:42pm Obituary by Mark Masters Ensemble on Our Métier
  • 12:49pm Little Dolphin - Part 3 by Rafal Sarnecki on Climbing Trees
  • 12:53pm Seven Years by Norah Jones on Come Away With Me
  • 12:56pm Playtime 2050 by Nick Sanders on Playtime 2050
  • 12:58pm Blues Connotation by Ornette Coleman on Ken Burns Jazz: Ornette Coleman
  • 1:04pm Farewell by Satoko Fujii Orchestra Tokyo on Kikoeru
  • 1:22pm Blue Grotto by Jason Palmer on Rhyme and Reason
  • 1:28pm Arioso by Kyle Nasser on Persistent Fancy
  • 1:32pm Impressions on a Golden Theme by Don Byron & Aruán Ortiz on Random Dances & (A)Tonalities
  • 1:38pm OGJB #1 by The OGJB Quartet on Bamako
  • 1:43pm Untitled Lament by Peter Eldridge & Kenny Werner
  • 1:51pm Rainy River by Scott Robinson on Tenormore
  • 1:56pm Begin Again by Fred Hersch on Begin Again
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