September 24, 2019

  • 12:06pm Mark's Place by Jason Palmer on Rhyme and Reason
  • 12:23pm Morning Star by Scott Robinson on Tenormore
  • 12:30pm Backbone by Ran Blake/Claire Riter on Eclipse Orange
  • 12:33pm Evanessence (Live) by Fred Hersch Trio on 97 @ The Village Vanguard
  • 12:39pm The Number 3 by Nick Sanders on Playtime 2050
  • 12:43pm Inaction by Nick Grinder on Farallon
  • 12:52pm Little Dolphin - Part 2 by Rafal Sarnecki on Climbing Trees
  • 12:56pm Go by Wayne Shorter on Footprints - Live
  • 1:02pm Let Them Eat Paper Towels by Mark Dresser Seven on Ain't Nothing But A Cyber Coup & You
  • 1:14pm And The She Stopped by Asherie
  • 1:19pm 29 Shoes by Gebhard Ullmann Basement Research on Impromptus And Other Short Works
  • 1:23pm K Car Funk by Brad Whiteley on Presence
  • 1:29pm Evil Gal Blues by Dinah Washington on Dinah Washington's Finest Hour
  • 1:33pm Golden Slumbers / You Never Give Me Your Money by Yoko Miwa Trio on Keep Talkin'
  • 1:41pm Calodendrum by Johnathan Blake on Johnathan Blake Trion
  • 1:43pm 01_Path of Totality_Quinsin Nachoff's Flux_MfiT Master by Quinsin Nachoff on Path of Totality
  • 1:50pm Unha e Carne by Marcus Tardelli on Unha & Carne
  • 1:54pm Waltzing the Splendor by Ran Blake/Claire Riter on Eclipse Orange
  • 1:56pm Hungry Ghost by Nick Sanders on Playtime 2050
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