September 8, 2019 – Rev. John Callaway Preaching "You Know Me”

Welcome to First Baptist Church of Savannah's radio broadcast. We are an inclusive family of faith located in historic downtown Savannah. 

This week we feature our August 8, 2019 service. This service includes Choral Introit “Let All Things Now Living.” Hymn “When Morning Gilds the Skies.” First Lesson, Jeremiah 18:1-6. Second Lesson, Luke 14:25-33. Anthem “Psalm 139” featuring Bill Gardner, tenor soloist. Third Lesson, Luke 14:1, 7-14. Sermon, “You Know Me,” by Rev. John Callaway. Hymns “You are Before Me,” and “God of Our Life.” Choral Response “By Law God Enforces.” Tune in on Sunday at Noon on WRUU 107.5FM, and on TuneIn. 

First Baptist Church of Savannah, Georgia. 
Katie Callaway, Co-Pastor — 
John Callaway, Co-Pastor — 
James Richardson, Organist Emeritus — 
223 Bull Street facing Chippewa Square 
912-234-2671 Education Building located at 102 W. McDonough 

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  • 12:00pm Sep. 8, 2019 - Rev. John Callaway by Sunday Worship Service on First Baptist Church of Savannah (FBC-SAV)
  • 12:00pm La Cuarta Dimensión by Dr. Darío Salas on La Cuarta Dimensión
  • 12:55pm FBC-SAV_Music_Trumphet Tune by
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