October 11, 2019

  • 2:00pm In League with Dragons by The Mountain Goats on In League With Dragons (Merge)
  • 2:03pm Le même discours by Bleu Nuit on Le jardin des mémoires
  • 2:05pm Studio Seven by Pleasures on Softly Wait
  • 2:09pm Rewards by J Fernandez on Occasional Din
  • 2:13pm Value Lines by Brilliant Colors on Again and Again
  • 2:15pm PledgeCaseJenn1 by
  • 2:16pm PledgeCloseJessica1 by
  • 2:17pm It's the Wrong Goodie by The Mauskovic Dance Band on The Mauskovic Dance Band (Soundway Records)
  • 2:23pm Light Pipe by Moon Dunes on Are You Kind?
  • 2:27pm How Many Times by The Flaming Lips on King's Mouth
  • 2:31pm PledgeUpdate191011 by
  • 2:32pm Shame by Said the Whale on Cascadia
  • 2:35pm Dolphine by Mega Bog on Dolphine (Paradise of Bachelors)
  • 2:38pm The Soft Rich by GIRL ARM on Cell Death
  • 2:42pm Ferrari by Wild Belle on Everybody One of a Kind
  • 2:45pm PledgeCaseIan5 by
  • 2:46pm PledgeCloseRob2 by
  • 2:47pm Sorority Song (Never Joined) by American Holly on Blue Virgin
  • 2:51pm Birthday by Pom Poko on Birthday
  • 2:55pm Self-Destruct Reality by Jetstream Pony on Self-Destruct Reality
  • 2:58pm Eray by Pinkshinyultrablast on Miserable Miracles
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