L2L W. B. Yeats (ft. Carol Andrews, pt. II)

William Butler Yeats

The poetry of W. B. Yeats defies categorization. There are the bucolic scenes with “bee-loud glades,” the pointed commentary of Crazy Jane, and the horror of the beast slouching toward Bethlehem. There are the lyrical wishes for his daughter, the reflections of a rejected lover, and the mourning of the Easter dead. Yeats lived through difficult years ... can his poetry somehow instruct us how to survive the current ugliness? Dr. Carol Andrews, associate professor emerita of literature and L2L scholar-in-residence, joins Leigh and P. T. for the second of a two-part discussion of Yeats, his poetry, and possible lessons for today.

Poems discussed in this episode include:

  • “September 1913”
  • “Easter, 1916”
  • “The Second Coming”
  • “Under Ben Bulben”
  • 12:06pm Default User by Live
October 25, 2019
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