Here it is Tomorrow Thursday November 7, 2019. 7-8PM EST

Tom from Way Left sitting in for John tonight

  • 7:41pm Tie Your Mother Down by Brian May Band on Live At Brixton (EMI)
  • 7:41pm Celebrity Skin by Hole on Celebrity Skin (Geffen)
  • 7:43pm Given’ It Away by The Supersuckers on How The Supersuckers Became... (Mid Fi)
  • 7:48pm Jesus and Tequila by The Minutemen on Double Nickles on the Dime (SST)
  • 7:50pm For Tension by Superchunk on On the Mouth (Merge)
  • 7:54pm I Might Need You to Kill by The Thermals on Daytrotter Live (Daytrotter)
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