November 28, 2019

  • 2:07pm Hiding Out by Ages and Ages on Me You They We (Needle and Thread Records)
  • 2:10pm Radio by Ty Segall on First Taste
  • 2:14pm Pictures by Born Idiot on Coco Trip
  • 2:17pm Cut The Quick by Telekinesis on Effluxion (Merge Records)
  • 2:21pm Throw Aggi Off The Bridge by Black Tambourine on Complete Recordings
  • 2:25pm Gravity by Versus on Ex Voto
  • 2:29pm CHOOSE GO! by CHAI on PUNK
  • 2:31pm Hits The Bone by Jeanines on Jeanines
  • 2:34pm Brutalism by The Drums on Brutalism
  • 2:38pm Mr. Rogers by Borger on Camp
  • 2:41pm Líneas En Hojas by Lorelle Meets The Obsolete on De Facto
  • 2:45pm Company by Daisy the Great on I'm Not Getting Any Taller
  • 2:49pm New Geometry by Ioanna Gika on Thalassa
  • 2:53pm Answered in a Prayer by Ducktails on Watercolors (New Images Limited)
  • 2:57pm May 17 by Royal Canoe on Waver
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