December 27, 2019

  • 2:00pm The Experimenter by Oh Sees on Face Stabber
  • 2:05pm In Sawdust by Setec on Atrial Flutters (or Raise Yr Hand If Yr Afraid)
  • 2:08pm Christine Young by Entracte Twist on Entracte Twist (Requiem pour un Twister)
  • 2:11pm Value Inn by Laura Stevenson on The Big Freeze
  • 2:14pm Pets by John Maus on Screen Memories
  • 2:18pm Gravity by Versus on Ex Voto
  • 2:22pm Gold by Marble Arch on Children of the Slump (Géographie)
  • 2:26pm Answered in a Prayer by Ducktails on Watercolors (New Images Limited)
  • 2:31pm Specimen by Daisy the Great on I'm Not Getting Any Taller
  • 2:33pm u fu fu by Boris on tears (TRASH-UP!! RECORDS)
  • 2:37pm Lie in the Dust by Spike Vincent on Spike Vincent
  • 2:43pm Warm Heart Cold Feet by Bubblegum Lemonade on Desperately Seeking Sunshine
  • 2:47pm Isolation by Cherry Glazerr on Stuffed & Ready
  • 2:50pm In This House by Jeanines on Jeanines
  • 2:52pm What?s the Rhythm by Mike Krol on Power Chords
  • 2:54pm Fine by Neighbor Lady on Maybe Later
  • 2:58pm Till I Wake by Ghosts of Dance on Walking Through Gardens
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