January 9, 2020

  • 11:00am Movt. 1: Tear of the Clouds by Mike Holober The Gotham Jazz Orchestra on Hiding Out
  • 11:14am Magnolia Light by Eng on The Blue Hour
  • 11:20am Ballad for Trane by Peter Eldridge & Kenny Werner
  • 11:26am We Will Get There (The Mountain Top) by Rodney Jordan on Playing Jazz Volume 1
  • 11:34am Flying Down To Rio by Asherie
  • 11:35am Flying Down To Rio by Asherie
  • 11:39am 5 Steps by Nick Grinder on Farallon
  • 11:45am Black Flight by Lafayette Gilchrist on Dark Matter
  • 11:51am In A Mist by Wayne Wallace Latin Jazz Quintet on The Rhythm of Invention
  • 11:56am DaNaBar by Luke Gillespie on Moving Mists
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