crucial riddems 1-9-2020

  • 7:57pm Call out to Jah by Akae Beka on Homage to the land (fifth son)
  • 8:03pm Rasta Nuh Gangsta (feat. Samory I) by Rorystonelove, Samory I on Black Gold (rorystonelove)
  • 8:07pm Greedy babylon by Jesse Royal on single (xtm Nation)
  • 8:13pm Informa by Jah Batta on Wackies sampler vol. 2 (Wackies)
  • 8:24pm Money Money by Horace Andy on Dance Hall Style ep (Wackies)
  • 8:28pm Studio Man by The Lovejoys on Reggae Vibes (Wackies)
  • 8:34pm Good thing Going by Sugar Minott on Wicked Ago Feel It (Wackies)
  • 8:41pm Tear Down the Dance Hall by Little John` on Wackies Sampler Vol. 3 (Wackies)
  • 8:44pm Message from Jah by Itopia on Creation EP (Wackies)
  • 8:50pm Mystic Revellation by Junior Delahaye on Working hard for the rent man EP (Wackies)
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