Crucial Riddems 2-27-2020

  • 7:58pm Dread like a lion by Johnny clarke on Yard Style (Ariwa)
  • 8:04pm English Toast by RAnking Ann on The Ariwa Posse (Ariwa)
  • 8:06pm Probably Lady by Ranking Ann on A slice of english Toast (Ariwa)
  • 8:11pm Stylers by Dalena on 81 sessions in the front room (Ariwa)
  • 8:14pm Roots and branches by Horace Andy on Roots and branches (Ariwa)
  • 8:22pm Conscious Man by Ranking Man on 81 sessions in the front Room (Ariwa)
  • 8:26pm Cause you love me by Patricia Smith on 81 sessions in the front room (Ariwa)
  • 8:29pm Tumbledown by Errol sly on 81 sessions in the front room (Ariwa)
  • 8:32pm Zion by Mad professor on Dub me crazy (Ariwa)
  • 8:38pm Rootsy Mood by Yabby You, Mad Professor & Black Steel on Yabby You meets Black Steel in Ariwa Studio (Ariwa Studio )
  • 8:42pm Give me oil by Mad Professor and Pato Banton on MAd Professor captures Pato Banton (Ariwa)
  • 8:46pm Cameroon Football by Macka B, Mad Professor & The Robotics on Macka B live in Balboa (Ariwa)
  • 8:51pm Im not a human Being by MAd Professor and Lee Perry on Super Ape Inna Jungle (Ariwa)
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