April 9, 2020

  • 12:07pm Jumble by Mike Holober The Gotham Jazz Orchestra on Hiding Out
  • 12:22pm Ev'rytime We Say Goodbye by Mark Sherman on My Other Voice
  • 12:29pm Bedrum by Johnathan Blake on Johnathan Blake Trion
  • 12:33pm Secret Rendezvous by Yoko Miwa Trio on Keep Talkin'
  • 12:40pm Si Te Contara by Miguel Zenón on Sonero The Music Of Ismael Rivera
  • 12:47pm Circular Path by John Yao's Triceratops on How We Do
  • 12:52pm Minds of Their Own by Peter Eldridge & Kenny Werner
  • 12:57pm F.J.D by Gebhard Ullmann on mikroPULS
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