April 14, 2020

  • 11:00am Manifest Destiny by Jentsch Group No Net on Topics in American History
  • 11:12am The Witch Doctor by Joshua Breakstone on Children of Art
  • 11:20am Four Notes Given (Improvised Piece) by Laszlo Gardony on La Marseillaise
  • 11:25am Paint My Heart Red by Keith Jarrett on The Carnegie Hall Concert
  • 11:33am Marciac Fun [Album Version] by Wynton Marsalis on The Marciac Suite
  • 11:39am Cherokee by Wycliffe Gordon & Eric Reed on We
  • 11:43am Softly As In A Morning Sunrise by Fred Hersch Trio on Alive at the Vanguard
  • 11:49am Giant Steps by Chip Stephens and Glenn Wilson on Sadness and Soul
  • 11:52am Ride Home by MGB on Nomad
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