April 17, 2020

  • 1:00pm Sadhana by Jason Palmer on Rhyme and Reason
  • 1:13pm Lil' Poem by Amina Figarova on Persistence
  • 1:20pm Moods by Alex Goodman on Alex Goodman Impressions In Blue And Red
  • 1:25pm Just In Time by Oliver Jones on Just In Time [Disc 1]
  • 1:34pm Theresa by Jan Hammer on Escape From Television
  • 1:37pm Los Angeles by Romain Collin on Tiny Lights...
  • 1:41pm Blissonance by Never Weather on Blissonance
  • 1:49pm Laughing Birds by Toh-Kichi(Satoko Fujii,Tatsuya Yoshida) on 梅花藻 Baikamo
  • 1:52pm Sad Poet by Fred Hersch on Whirl
  • 1:59pm Into the Words 4 Kathryn The Evil Stool by
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