May 14, 2020

  • 12:06pm Self Portrait (Rembrandt) by Jason Palmer on The Concert: 12 Musings for Isabella
  • 12:16pm Iv. A Part And Not The Other by Felipe Salles Interconnections Ensemble on The New Immigrant Experience
  • 12:25pm Trouble Is A Man by Sarah Vaughan on Trouble Is A Man (Prime Cuts)
  • 12:28pm Bird Alone by Jeff Denson on Jeff Denson Live
  • 12:36pm Bossa For Baby by Keith Oxman on Two Cigarettes In the Dark
  • 12:45pm 3 Small Little Things by Peter Slavov on Little Stories
  • 12:49pm 05 - Ceour qui bat by Rez Abbasi
  • 12:51pm Between Two Worlds by Denson
  • 12:57pm Sonata No. 12 Adagio (Intro) by Alex Goodman on Alex Goodman Impressions In Blue And Red
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