Mother Beat 85 /// June 10, 2020

  • 12:58pm Kounkoun by Oumou Sangare on Mogoya (No Format)
  • 1:05pm Bahia by Baden Powell on 18 Successos (E. N Digital)
  • 1:09pm Be Golazy by The Legendary Mama Sana on Music from Madagascar (Shanachie)
  • 1:11pm Osofu da banim-ghana by Ben Simmons on Musique Populaire Africaine (Buda)
  • 1:14pm Yoolelle - Maman by Baaba Maal on Missing You (Palm Pictures LLC)
  • 1:18pm Shango by Peter King on Nigeria 70 - Funky Lagos (Strut)
  • 1:26pm Haguina by Mounira Mitchala on Chili Houritki (Lusafrica)
  • 1:30pm Chachimurenga by Stella Chiweshe on Ambuya (Piranha Womex AG)
  • 1:35pm Danaya (A sidi kanate pour toujours) by Nahawa Doumbia on La Grande Cantrice Malienne Vol. 3 (Awesome Tapes from Africa)
  • 1:43pm Kandeed Badanaa Naftaydani (My Life is Full of Tribulations) by Sharaf Band, Xaawo Hiiran on Sweet as Broken Dates: Lost Somali Tapes from the Horn of Africa (Ostinato Records)
  • 1:48pm Lagen by Zotobre on Tanbou Toujou Lou: Meringue, Kompa Kreyol, Vodou Jazz & Electric Folklore from Haitio (Ostinato Records)
  • 1:52pm Min OzzaIna Seebak (Forget Those that Divide Us) by Kamal Tarbas on Two Niles Sing a Melody: Violins and Synths of Sudan (Ostinato Records)
  • 1:56pm Orere Elijigbo by Lijadu Sisters on Orere Elijigbo (Afrodisia)
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