6/19/20 The Throne Triumvirate

  • 7:29am Vacancy by Neil Young on Homegrown (Silver Bow)
  • 8:05am If Lovin Is Believin by Billy on Little Fine Thing (PnR)
  • 8:13am False Prophet by Bob Dylan on Rough and Rowdy Ways (Columbia)
  • 8:14am Saint Dominic's Preview - Live by Van morrison on It's Too Late to Stop Now (Exile)
  • 8:20am Time Fades Away by Neil Young on Time Fades Away (Reprise)
  • 8:32am Cold Irons Bound by Bob Dylan on Modern Times (Columbia)
  • 8:42am Take Your Hand Out of My Pocket by Van Morrison on Its Too Late To Stop Now (Exile)
  • 8:52am These Days by Gregg Allman on Laid Back (Island Def Jam)
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