June 23, 2020

  • 1:00am Hit The Road Jack by Lou Bennett Et Son Orchestre on Groovy Jazz Organ
  • 1:01am Walk On The Wild Side by Jimmy Smith on Groovy Jazz Organ
  • 1:07am Jumpin' Jupiter by Baby Face Willette on Groovy Jazz Organ
  • 1:12am Micky Fick by Art Neville on Organ-ized: All-Star Tribute To The B-3 Organ
  • 1:16am Light And Lovely by Anrett Cobb on Hammond Lounge The Magic B3 [Disc 2]
  • 1:26am Where It's At by Jimmy McGriff on Greatest Hits
  • 1:32am Green Onions by Booker T. & The MG's on Groovy Jazz Organ
  • 1:34am Spaceman Twist by Lou Donaldson on Groovy Jazz Organ
  • 1:40am Squatty Roo by John Buzon Trio on Hammond Lounge The Magic B3 [Disc 2]
  • 1:42am Turquoise by Earle Warren on Hammond Lounge The Magic B3 [Disc 1]
  • 1:44am Mr. Lucky by Si Zentner on Ultra-Lounge: TV Town
  • 1:47am Decoder by Organissimo on Waiting For The Boogaloo Sisters
  • 1:58am Enchanted Farm by The Forbidden Five on Hammond Lounge The Magic B3 [Disc 2]
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