June 26, 2020

  • 3:00pm Tropical Club by Alberto Balndan Bembo on The Smart Set
  • 3:03pm Black Orchid by Mr. Ho's Orchestrotica on Where Here Meets There
  • 3:08pm Bamboo by The Surfmen on The Sounds of Exotic Island
  • 3:10pm Todavía by Esquivel on Cabaret Mañana
  • 3:12pm Window of the East by Ron Goodwin And His Concert Orchestra on Music for an Arabian Night
  • 3:15pm Tropical by Michel Magne Et Son Grand Orchestre on Tropical Fantasy
  • 3:19pm Pagan Love Song by George Cates on Polynesian Percussion
  • 3:21pm Azul by Buddy Collette on Jazz Heat Bongo Beat
  • 3:25pm Dry Bones by Don Tracy on A Night with the Voodoo Family
  • 3:27pm Jungle Holiday by Tito Puente on Tambo
  • 3:29pm The Mystery of Yambuya by Don Ralke on The Savage and Sensuous Bongos
  • 3:33pm Tropical Forest by Paul Bonneau on Chappell: Telecineradio Vol. 6
  • 3:35pm Theme From Hong Kong by Manny Lopez on Just for You
  • 3:37pm Return To Paradise by Phil Moore and his Orchestra on Polynesian Paradise
  • 3:39pm Tradewinds by Eden Ahbez on Eden's Island (The Music of an Enchanted Isle)
  • 3:42pm Jungle Mood by Chaino on Chaino Africana
  • 3:45pm Call of the Jungle by Carl Stevens on African Sounds
  • 3:48pm Tambuk by Robert Drasnin on Voodoo!
  • 3:51pm Nós E O Mar (We and the Sea) by Tamba 4 on We and the Sea
  • 3:53pm Adventures in Paradise by Werner Müller and His Orchestra on Hawaiian Swing
  • 3:55pm Jun'gala by Marty Wilson and His Orchesta on Yumba Marumba
  • 3:58pm Elephant Drums by Mike Simpson on Jungle Odyssey
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