July 6, 2020

  • 2:00pm Manhorse by Husbands on After the Gold Rush Party
  • 2:03pm Where You Belong by Little Dragon on New Me, Same Us
  • 2:06pm Gone For Good by smiles on Gone For Good
  • 2:10pm Unwound by Drahla on Useless Coordinates
  • 2:12pm Beautiful in Furs by ta toy boy on This Town
  • 2:16pm Velour and Velcro by The Districts on You Know I'm Not Going Anywhere
  • 2:20pm Outer Otherness by Rocketship on Thanks to You
  • 2:23pm Lazy Ln by Ringo Deathstarr on Ringo Deathstarr
  • 2:27pm Take Care in Your Dreams by Tindersticks on No Treasure but Hope
  • 2:31pm C~Siq by Shmu on Pure Bliss
  • 2:35pm 123 by Bonniesongs on Energetic Mind
  • 2:38pm Domino by Corridor on Junior
  • 2:43pm Tennis by Castlebeat on VHS
  • 2:46pm Money Is a Memory by Field Music on Making a New World
  • 2:50pm Kim's Sunsets by Fat White Family on Serfs Up!
  • 2:54pm crush (for hanna) by ghost mail on nostalgia
  • 2:56pm Time of the Signs by Fake Indians on The Pest
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