July 10, 2020

  • 3:00pm Jungle Flute by Don Tracy on A Night with the Voodo Family
  • 3:03pm Temple of Gold by Les Baxter on The Sacred Idol
  • 3:07pm Tropical Night by Robert Farnon on Chappell Mood Music Vol. 8
  • 3:10pm Hawaiian Eye by Manny Lopez on Just for You
  • 3:12pm At Taste of Bamboo (Hula Twist) by Lalo Schifrin on Gone with the Wave
  • 3:14pm Love Chant by Herbie Mann With Machito And His Afro Cuban Jazz Ensemble on Afro-Jazziac
  • 3:18pm Ebb Tide by Frank Chacksfield and His Orchestra on Ebb Tide
  • 3:21pm Miserlou by Kokee Band on Exotica 1970
  • 3:24pm Zombie by Xavier Cugat and His Orchestra on Cugi's Cocktails
  • 3:26pm Moon Flowers by Warren Barker and his Orchestra on William Holden Presents Far Away Places
  • 3:29pm Deep in a Drum by Eddie Cano and his Sextet on Deep in a Drum
  • 3:34pm Noctopia/Lost Lagoon (Reprise) by Clouseaux on Lagoon!
  • 3:40pm Wild Jungle by Machito and his Orchestra on Kenya
  • 3:43pm Kon-Tiki by on Single
  • 3:45pm Tabu by Terry Snyder on Exotic Sound
  • 3:48pm Paradise by Paul Conrad on Exotic Paradise
  • 3:51pm Tropicana by Monty Kelly on Tropicana
  • 3:54pm Call of the Islands by Ìxtahuele on Call of the Islands
  • 3:57pm Jungle Drums by Stanley Black and His Orchestra on Exotic Percussion
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