July 13, 2020

  • 6:00pm 12 Do It Again by on Single
  • 6:05pm Hey Joe by Brad Mehldau on Where Do You Start [+digital booklet]
  • 6:11pm Here's That Rainy Day by Peter Appleyard on Barbados Heat
  • 6:16pm 10 It Ain't Necessarily So by on Single
  • 6:21pm 01 Isanusi by on Single
  • 6:27pm 07 My Foolish Heart by on Single
  • 6:35pm Mi Cosa by Wes Montgomery on Bumpin'
  • 6:39pm 02 I Wanna Be Around by on Single
  • 6:41pm 2-01 Spanish Key by on Single
  • 6:58pm Sabrosona (Reprise) by Groove Collective on Declassified
  • 7:00pm 04 Ultraspontane by on Single
  • 7:05pm 09 Servant Of The People by on Single
  • 7:10pm 01 Bumpin' by on Single
  • 7:17pm 05 Night And Day by on Single
  • 7:20pm Solar by Keith Jarrett Feat. Gary Peacock & Paul Motian on At The Deer Head Inn [Live]
  • 7:31pm 01 Haitian Fight Song by on Single
  • 7:45pm The Long Day Is Over by Norah Jones on Come Away With Me
  • 7:48pm Black Star by Christopher O'Riley on True Love Waits (Christopher O'Riley Plays Radiohead)
  • 7:51pm My Song by Keith Jarrett on The Carnegie Hall Concert
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