July 14, 2020 Greetings

It is common for owners to want a well rounded social dog. In this show we will be expanding on the sociability topic and going over how to properly allow 2 dogs to greet so there are no altercations. 

  • 3:04pm No_Barks_7-14-20_Greetings by on Single
  • 3:49pm Overlord by Dirty Projectors on Windows Open
  • 3:52pm Gather Up Your Wings And Fly by Felt on Forever Breathes The Lonely Word
  • 3:56pm Red White and Black by Jesca Hoop on STONECHILD
  • 3:59pm Intro & Change is Gonna Come by on Single
  • 3:59pm LuLu 07-14-2020 (Christian Culbreth) by on Single
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