July 18, 2020

  • 10:00am Javanese Valley by Warren Barker and his Orchestra on William Holden Presents Far Away Places
  • 10:02am Borneo by Cal Tjader on Several Shades of Jade
  • 10:07am Pearly Waves by The Honolulu Guitars on Songs Of Hawaii
  • 10:08am House of Pleasure by Dominic Frontiere and His Orchestra on Pagan Festival - An Exotic Love Ritual For Orchestra
  • 10:11am Bamboo Tamboo by Arthur Lyman on Yellow Bird
  • 10:14am Enter the Tiger by Stereophonic Space Sound Unlimited on Plays Lost TV Themes
  • 10:16am Sand in My Shoes by Kokee Band on Exotica 1970
  • 10:18am Bamboo Lullaby by Martin Denny on Exotica Vol. III
  • 10:20am Amazon Tributary by Dick Schory and the Percussive Art Ensemble on Re-Percussion
  • 10:24am Tun-Kul by Elisabeth Waldo on Maracatú
  • 10:27am Mystic Island by Kapiolani Lyman on Puka Shells
  • 10:31am Diamond Head by Exotic Sounds Of Milt Raskin on Exotic Percussion
  • 10:34am On Tonga Shores by Stolen Idols on Moonlight Offerings
  • 10:38am Moon Festival by Milt Raskin Orchestra on Kapu (Forbidden)
  • 10:42am Sushi by Rex Kona And His Mandarins on The Exotic Sounds of Rex Kona and His Mandarins
  • 10:44am In a Persian Market by Terry Snyder on Exotic Sound
  • 10:47am Goro-Gu by Modesto Duran And Orchestra on Fabulous Rhythms Of Modesto
  • 10:49am Mejiro by Paul Conrad on Exotic Paradise
  • 10:52am La Bikina by Esquivel on Music From A Sparkling Planet
  • 10:54am Yellow Bird by The Shangaans on Jungle Drums
  • 10:57am Montevideo by Ahmad Jamal on Macanudo
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