July 20, 2020

  • 2:00pm Born Again by Ellis on Born Again
  • 2:02pm The Purple One by Wasted Shirt on Fungus II
  • 2:05pm 1991 by I Know Leopard on Love Is A Landmine
  • 2:08pm Hiding Out by Ages and Ages on Me You They We (Needle and Thread Records)
  • 2:12pm Sera a Posillipo by Rosa on Acqua di sale
  • 2:17pm Blankenship by Diiv on Deceiver (Captured Tracks)
  • 2:21pm Coffee or Wine by Field Music on Making a New World
  • 2:25pm Caged and Bound by The Serfs on Sounds of Serfdom
  • 2:27pm Sat By A Tree by Dan Deacon on Mystic Familiar
  • 2:32pm Taste by Ty Segall on First Taste
  • 2:35pm Under Streetlights Shadows by Rocketship on Thanks to You
  • 2:39pm Light Pipe by Moon Dunes on Are You Kind?
  • 2:43pm Narc in a Melvin's Tee by Husbands on After the Gold Rush Party
  • 2:46pm 3D Girl by Stef Chura on Midnight (Saddle Creek)
  • 2:50pm ￾줰ꐰ픰ﰰ by Artemia on Daydream EP
  • 2:54pm Extended Leave by Lake Ruth on Extended Leave / Strange Interiors
  • 2:57pm Until Olympius Returns by The Mountain Goats on Songs for Pierre Chuvin
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