July 21, 2020 Unpredictability in Dog Training

We all reach that point where we think a behavior is extinct, except for that small 10% of the time that it happens. Owners often call this unpredictable because no one knows what the dogs trigger is. This show we will be diving into that 10% and how to get over that hump with your dog. 

  • 3:04pm No_Barks_7-21-20_Unpredictable by on Single
  • 3:29pm January 31, 438 by The Mountain Goats on Songs for Pierre Chuvin
  • 3:32pm Surfing on a Rocket by Someone on Airspace
  • 3:36pm Wise Children by Vanishing Twin on The Age Of Immunology
  • 3:38pm Intro & Change is Gonna Come by on Single
  • 3:43pm No_Barks_7-21-20_Unpredictable by on Single
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