July 24, 2020

  • 3:00pm Telephone by Personality Cult on New Arrows
  • 3:02pm Down by Wilsen on Ruiner
  • 3:05pm Call the Dr. by The Men on Mercy
  • 3:09pm Tastes Good With The Money by Fat White Family on Serfs Up!
  • 3:16pm Fever by Miserable on Loverboy / Dog Days
  • 3:19pm Memoirs Of Miso by The Orielles on Disco Volador
  • 3:24pm Everything Goes With You by I Know Leopard on Love Is A Landmine
  • 3:28pm Too Much Of Not Enough by Rose Elinor Dougall on A New Illusion (Vermilion)
  • 3:33pm Aulon Raid by The Mountain Goats on Songs for Pierre Chuvin
  • 3:35pm Daddy Issues by Pip Blom on Boat
  • 3:40pm My Only Ghost by The Districts on You Know I'm Not Going Anywhere
  • 3:43pm Titanium 2 Step (Featuring Sal Principato) by Battles on Juice B Crypts (Warp Records)
  • 3:47pm Religion by And the Kids on When This Life Is Over
  • 3:51pm Get it Through My Heart by Caged Animals on Escape Artist
  • 3:53pm Everyone Nervous (feat. Rozi Plain) by Warm Digits; Rozi Plain on Flight of Ideas
  • 3:58pm mind you now by The Black Watch on Brilliant Failures
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