Dog Training LIVE!

This episode gives the listener a unique look into a live training session. Join Allisia as she walks you through a training session with her own dogs as she attempts to teach them how to remain calm and relaxed while maintenance is being done in her house. 

  • 3:03pm No_Barks_7-28-20_Training_Live by on Single
  • 3:49pm There's Something Happening by Jack Stauber's Micropop on Dinner Is Not Over / There's Something Happening / Keyman / Cupid
  • 3:52pm In League with Dragons by The Mountain Goats on In League With Dragons (Merge)
  • 3:56pm Good to You by Kate Teague on Kate Teague
  • 3:59pm Khalil Anderson by LuLu (07-28-2020) on Single
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