July 25, 2020

  • 10:00am Daiquiri by Xavier Cugat and His Orchestra on Cugi's Cocktails
  • 10:03am Wild Orchids by Rex Kona And His Mandarins on The Exotic Sounds of Rex Kona and His Mandarins
  • 10:05am Swamp Girl by Chaino on Jungle Echoes: The Best of Chaino
  • 10:08am Flamingo by Tak Shindo on Brass and Bamboo
  • 10:10am Bamboo Shadows by Webley Edwards on Hawaii Calls: Exotic Instrumentals - Favorites Of The Islands: Vol. IV
  • 10:14am The Angry Desert by The Sound Offs on Single
  • 10:16am Egg Foo Gong by Manny Albam and his Orchestra on Drum Feast
  • 10:19am Para Vigo Me Voy by Orquestra Cristobal Chavez on Tropical Fire
  • 10:21am Jungle Drums by Augie Colon on Chant Of The Jungle
  • 10:24am Stranger on the Shore by Frankie Carle on The Tropical Style of Frankie Carle
  • 10:27am Call of the Jungle Birds by Tito Puente on Tambo
  • 10:30am Twilight Lagoon by Kenny Sasaki & The Tiki Boys on Bird Island
  • 10:33am Forbidden by John McFarland on Provocatif
  • 10:36am Heavenly Sea by Exotic Sounds Of Milt Raskin on Exotic Percussion
  • 10:41am Fire Goddess by Webley Edwards with Al Keaoha Perry on Hawaii Calls: Fire Goddess
  • 10:44am Tropical Night by Robert Farnon on Chappell Mood Music Vol. 8
  • 10:47am Stolen Idol by Si Zenter and His Orchestra on Exotica Suite
  • 10:49am Jungle Flute by Don Tracy on A Night with the Voodo Family
  • 10:52am R.F.D. Rangoon by The Forbidden Five on Single
  • 10:54am Port Said by The Sonny Lester Orchestra on Exotica: The Sensuous Sound of the Sonny Lester Orchestra
  • 10:56am La Cumparsa by José Betancourt And His Orchestra on Beat Tropicale
  • 10:59am introduction by adam on introduction test
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