When The Moon Sings - August 15, 2020

  • 4:43pm You Don't Know What Love Is by Thad Jones on The Fabulous Thad Jones (Fantasy Records), 1954
  • 5:00pm Silk Offering by Bruno Sanfilippo, Julian Kancepolski & Pere Bardagí on The Poet (1631 Recordings), 2016
  • 5:05pm Shoegazing by Hot Club De Norvege on Hot Cats (Hot Club Records), 2005
  • 5:10pm Bill Evans by Lyle Mays on Fictionary (Geffen Records), 1992
  • 5:16pm Separated Hearts by Lights & Motion on The Great Wide Open (Deep Elm Recordings), 2020
  • 5:21pm Adagio by Pam Asberry on Moods, Impressions & Souvenirs (Optimistic Flamingo), 2020
  • 5:26pm Blue Violet by Denise Young on Winds of Change (Dancing Horses Records), 2019
  • 5:31pm The Blue Planet by Hans Zimmer, Jacob Shea & David Fleming on Blue Planet II (Original Television Soundtrack) (Silva Screen Records), 2017
  • 5:35pm Coast by Nicholas Gunn on Pacific Blue (Blue Dot Studios LLC), 2020
  • 5:48pm Pretty Ballad by Keith Jarrett on Foundations: The Keith Jarrett Anthology (Rhino Atlantic), 1994
  • 5:51pm Storyteller by Monica Logani on The Long Road (Monica Logani), 2020
  • 5:56pm Can't Stop Running by Adam Ben Ezra on Can't Stop Running (Adam Ben Ezra)
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