September 8, 2020

  • 2:00pm Do You Think We'll Last Forever? by Caroline Rose on Superstar
  • 2:04pm Lucid by People Taking Pictures on Informative Noise
  • 2:07pm Hardly Alive by White Poppy on Paradise Gardens
  • 2:11pm It's Summer Time by Gary Wilson on The King of Endicott
  • 2:13pm Los Pollos by Majak Door on Weird Guy
  • 2:19pm Dinner Is Not Over by Jack Stauber's Micropop on Dinner Is Not Over / There's Something Happening / Keyman / Cupid
  • 2:24pm Serbia Drums by !!! on Wallop (Warp Records)
  • 2:27pm Dedication by Born Ruffians on JUICE
  • 2:31pm Near You by Fake Laugh on Dining Alone
  • 2:34pm Work It Out by Hazel English on Wake Up!
  • 2:39pm Your Dead Grandfather by Fruit Bats on Gold Past Life
  • 2:41pm Anyone Can Play Guitar by Midwife on Forever
  • 2:45pm In Sawdust by Setec on Atrial Flutters (or Raise Yr Hand If Yr Afraid)
  • 2:48pm Sleight of Hand by Wild Nothing on Laughing Gas
  • 2:52pm Blue Light by Ducktails on Watercolors (New Images Limited)
  • 2:57pm Spirit of Now by Vinyl Williams on Opal
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