September 11, 2020

  • 3:00pm Don't Let Me Die In America by of Montreal on UR FUN
  • 3:03pm Keyman by Jack Stauber's Micropop on Dinner Is Not Over / There's Something Happening / Keyman / Cupid
  • 3:07pm Come And See by Operators on Radiant Dawn
  • 3:13pm House or Home by Retiree on House Or Home
  • 3:15pm January 31, 438 by The Mountain Goats on Songs for Pierre Chuvin
  • 3:18pm Chance by Angel Olsen on All Mirrors
  • 3:23pm Poor Bentley by Drawing Boards on The Message
  • 3:27pm Too Dumb by Peel Dream Magazine on Agitprop Alterna
  • 3:30pm belief by Sebadoh on Act Surprised
  • 3:33pm Deadlines (Thoughtful) by Car Seat Headrest on Making a Door Less Open
  • 3:39pm Las Horas by Basual on Beach Pop
  • 3:44pm Making Magic by Caged Animals on Escape Artist
  • 3:48pm Project by Megrim on Families
  • 3:50pm Witching Hour by Tops on I Feel Alive
  • 3:54pm Trying To Decide by Young Guv on GUV II
  • 3:57pm Even When I Still Breathe by Mellow Fellow on Jazzie Robinson Deluxe
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