Motherbeat /// 107 /// November 18, 2020

  • 12:59pm Mudzimu Ndiringe by Hallelujah Chicken Run Band on Mudzimnu Ndiringe (Analog Africa)
  • 1:03pm Nkala by Les Mamans du Congo & Rrobin on Les Mamans du Congo & Rrobin (Jarring Effects Label)
  • 1:07pm Fitriwale by Omniversal Earkestra on Le Mali 70 (Trikont)
  • 1:14pm La Musique by Star Feminine Band on La Musique (Radio Edit) (Born bad Records)
  • 1:18pm Timtar - Live by Bombino on Timtar - Live (Partisan Records)
  • 1:23pm Badala by Songhoy Blues on Optimisme (Pat Possum Records)
  • 1:25pm Banga by Kaito Winse on Kaladounia (Kaito Winse)
  • 1:35pm Free the System by Dandana on Free the System (Rebel Up Records)
  • 1:42pm Assamaoui by Mahmoud Guinia on Aicha (Hive Mind Records)
  • 1:49pm Woura by Sidi Toure on Afrik Toun Me (Sidi Toure)
  • 1:55pm Sonkolo by Invisible System on Bamako Moon (Invisible System)
  • 1:59pm HappyHomeschooler11182020SchedulesandRoutines by
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