Art on the Air December 2nd, 2020 with the Fiber Guild of the Savannahs

On this week's episode of Art on the Air we're excited to present our Zoom interview with two members of Fiber Guild of the Savannah, President Wendy Avery and member Suzy Hokanson! We had a long conversation about their group exhibition "Fabrications," happening now at the Jewish Education Alliance.

Plus, Gretchen and Rob spent some time discussing the notion of trying out new art forms, as well as discussing supporting local artists during the holiday season.

Tune in!

Banner Images:
Left: Marcee Musgrove
Right: Treesa Germany
  • 3:00pm Art-on-the-Air-12-2-2020-Fiber-Guild-of-the-Savannahs by on Single
  • 3:25pm The Weaving Song by Mary O'Hara on Songs of Erin (2010 Past Classics)
  • 3:29pm Knitting by Arthur Askey on Arthur Askey (2012 Duke Marketing Ltd.)
  • 3:38pm The Goddess And The Weaver by Spiral Dance on Woman Of The Earth (1996 Spiral Dance)
  • 3:43pm Dream Weaver by Gary Wright on The Dream Weaver (1975 Warner Records Inc.)
  • 3:47pm Undone – The Sweater Song by Weezer on Weezer (1994 DGC Records)
  • 3:52pm Crazy Quilt by Brad Mehldau, Kevin Hays, Patrick Zimmerli on Modern Music (2011 Nonesuch Records, Inc.)
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