Music From the World 07-15-2022

Welcome to the 222nd episode of Music From the World. 

Tonight's journey takes us to: Xinjiang China, Japan, Algeria, Serbia, Italy, Spain (via Israel), Panama, Greece, Russia, the Philippines, Sri Lanka and Jordan.

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  • 5:00pm 222 by MFTW on Single
  • 5:01pm Gulyarxan by Hoshir Kari (Xinjiang, China) on Released as a single (Self produced)
  • 5:06pm Hurricane Dorothy by Haruomi Hossono (Japan) on Tropical Dandy (Panam)
  • 5:11pm Stay with Me by Matsubara Miki (Japan) on Pocket Park (See Saw)
  • 5:18pm Duo by Martial Solal (Algeria) on A BOUT DE SOUFFLE ORIGINAL SOUNDTRACK (Soundtrack Factory)
  • 5:20pm Zidovi by Dara Bubamara (Serbia) on Dara Bubamara (Grand Production)
  • 5:24pm Non Sono Una Signora by Loredana Berte (Italy) on Traslocando (Compagnia Generale del Disco)
  • 5:29pm OLVIDATE DI TE by YASMIN LEVY (SPAIN) on LIBERTAD (World Village)
  • 5:34pm Las Nubes Sangran by LLEVARTE A MARTE (PANAMA) on AMARGO (LLEVARTE A MARTE)
  • 5:38pm Apo erota by NIKOS OIKONOMOPONLOS on Released as a single (MINOS EMI)
  • 5:42pm Eto Leto by Antoha MC (Russia) on Sovety dlya molodozhënov (ANTON KUSTNETSOV)
  • 5:47pm Biglaan by 6 Cycle Mind (PHILIPPINES) on Permission to Shine (Musico)
  • 5:51pm Sinhayo by Indrachapa Liyanage (Sri Lanka) on Sound Asia Collection, Vol. 2 (Sound Asia)
  • 5:57pm El-Hob Mawjoud by Hayajan (Jordan) on Khusouf Al-Ard (Hayajan)
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