Real Estate Real Talk 01-10-2018 (How to protect your Privacy & Not Get Scammed Online)

Welcome to my Radio Show:

'Real Estate Real Talk' with Julia M. Spencer

Today's episode was recorded LIVE from Troup Square in Savannah, GA and my topic was 'How to protect your Privacy & Not Get Scammed Online.'

We have thawed just a little in Savannah, so now it's time to check around us and see if security measures were taken- topics of discussion were:

1.) Social Media Security

2.) Freezing Your Credit

3.) Putting You Numbers on the 'Do-Not-Call' List

4.) Check your Property Records

I appreciate any and all feedback, comments, questions, and constructive criticism:

Thank you for listening! 

Julia M. Spencer

  • 12:03pm California by Lenny Kravitz on Baptism (Virgin Records America, Inc.)
  • 12:06pm Default User by Live
  • 12:13pm Beverly Hills by Weezer on Make Believe (Geffen Records)
  • 12:28pm California Girls by The Beach Boys on Summer Days (And Summer Nights) [2001 - Remaster] (Capitol Records)
  • 12:41pm California by Grimes on Art Angels (4AD)
  • 12:50pm California Blue by Roy Orbison on Mystery Girl (Roy's Boys LLC)
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