Here it is Tomorrow: Aug. 2, 2018

  • 7:12pm The Fire by Paul Duncan on Above the Trees (Hometapes), 2007
  • 7:13pm Stranger in the House by Elvis Costello on Taking Liberties (Columbia), 1980
  • 7:20pm Radio Sweetheart by Elvis Costellow on Taking Liberties (Columbia), 1980
  • 7:22pm Since She Started To Ride by Jonathan Richman on Jonathan Goes Country (Rounder), 1990
  • 7:24pm Goin' Down To Laurel by Steve Forbert on Alive on Arrival (Nemperor Records), 1978
  • 7:27pm Don't Stop (If It Feels Good Do It) by Sloan on 12 (Yep Roc Records), 2018
  • 7:36pm If It Feels Good Do It by Sloan on Pretty Together (RCA), 2001
  • 7:39pm Borateen by Self on Subliminal Plastic Motives (Spongebath Records), 1995
  • 7:43pm Jonathan by Trust Fund on Bringing the Backline (Hidden Bay), 2018
  • 7:45pm Man of Constant Sorrow by John Hollenbeck on Songs I Like A Lot (Yolk), 2014
  • 6:52pm It's Magical by Masayoshi Fujita on The Book of Life (Erased Tapes Records), 2018
  • 7:02pm Holding and Holding by The Cradle on Bag of Holding (NNA Tapes), 2018
  • 7:04pm Song for the Setting Sun III by Daniel Bachman on The Morning Star (Three Lobed Recordings), 2018
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