Rigor Mortis Thursday, October 4th 2018 (HALLOWEEN 2018 #1)

We're playing only the spookiest, creepiest horror tunes for all of our shows during the month of October to celebrate our favorite holiday---HALLOWEEN! Tonight is our first installment. Ham Sud is flying solo due to Big Tex making a pilgrimage to Texas.

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  • 10:14pm Psycho - Suite for Strings by Bernard Hermann, Andrew Lane on Perfect 10 - Scary movies (X5 Music Group)
  • 10:14pm City of Vampires by Dead Vampires on The Day After Halloween (Robot Monster)
  • 10:15pm Vampire by 7 Shot Screamers on Keep the Flame Alive (Haunted Town)
  • 10:15pm Bucket of Blood by Lugosi's Morphine on The Horror Of it All Vol. 3 (Dr. Cyclops)
  • 10:15pm Skeleton Stomp by Hellbound Saints on The Horror of it All, Vol. 2 (World Horror Network)
  • 10:15pm I'm Your Monster by Nuke & the Living Dead on The Horror of it all, vol. 2 (World Horror Network)
  • 10:16pm Bride of all My Nightmares by More Than Never on The Horror of it All, Vol. 2 (World Horror Network)
  • 10:16pm Scream, Blacula, Scream by Psycho Charger on Curse of the Psycho (Rot 'n' Roll Army)
  • 10:16pm Bodies Piled Up by Charley Horse on Unholy Roller (Acetate)
  • 10:16pm The Creature from the Black Lagoon by Monsters on The Hunch (Voodoo Rhythm)
  • 10:16pm Night of the Vampire by Hola Ghost on The Man They Couldn't Hang (Smelvis)
  • 10:16pm Pumpkin Patch Murders by Blitzkid on Let Flowers Die (Century Media)
  • 10:16pm Season of Nightmares by Toxic Zombie on Going Viral (Toxic Zombie)
  • 10:16pm Psychobilly Jekyll and Mr. Hyde by The Quakes on The Quakes (Nervous)
  • 10:16pm Knockin' On Gravestones by The Hexxers on Freaks with the Savage Beat (Golly Gee)
  • 10:16pm Happy Halloween - Remastered by The Fuzztones on Monster A-Go-go (Easy Action)
  • 10:16pm Daddy Was a Wolfman by Son of Dave on Music for Cop Shows (Goddamn)
  • 10:16pm Wolfman by The UFO Club on The UFO Club/Night Beats - EP (Reverberation Appreciation Society)
  • 10:16pm Wolfman's Romp by The Juke Joint Pimps on Boogie the House Down - Juke Joint Style (Voodoo Rhythm)
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