Oct. 25, 2018

  • 6:57pm My Mummy by Mel Cavin And The Kokonuts on My Mummy / I Love You (Bertram International Records), 1959
  • 7:03pm Mambo Mummy by Dick Goodman on Single (Unknown), Unkn
  • 7:06pm The Rockin' Teenage Mummies by Ray Stevens on It Only Hurts When I Laugh / The Rockin' Teenage Mummies (Mercury), 1975
  • 7:08pm The Ghoul from Impanema by Dickie Goodman on The Monster Album (DCP International ), 1968
  • 7:10pm Green Werewolf by The Pharoahs on Single (Iona), 1961
  • 7:20pm The Werewolf by The Frantics on Werewolf/No Werewolf (Dolton), 1960
  • 7:21pm Rockin' in the Graveyard by Jackie Morningstar on No Date/Rockin' in the Graveyard (Sandy Record Company), 1959
  • 7:22pm Graveyard Rock by Tarantula Ghoul & Her Gravediggers on King Kong / Graveyard Rock (Meadows), 1959
  • 7:23pm Nightmare by Bill Sills on Nightmare / Dippy-Do (Decca), 1958
  • 7:26pm Scream Along With The Monster by Kay Bell And The Spacemen on Surfer's Blues/Scream Along with the Monster (Buena Vista Records), 1964
  • 7:28pm I Was a Teenage Monster by The Keytones on Monster Bop (Buffalo Bop), 1994
  • 7:32pm The Monsters Hop by Bert Convy ‎ on The Monsters Hop / The Gorilla (Contender Records), 1958
  • 7:35pm He's A Vampire by Archie King on The Best of Horror (One Day Muisc), (Unk
  • 7:38pm He's A Vampire by Archie King on The Best of Horror (One Day Muisc), Unkn
  • 7:39pm Screaming Ball (At Dracula Hall) by The Duponts on Monster Rock'N'Roll (Crypt Records), Unkn
  • 7:42pm The Mummy's Ball by The Verdicts on My Life's Desire / The Mummy's Ball (East Coast Record Co. Inc.), (Unk
  • 7:45pm At The House Of Frankenstein by Big Bee Kornegay on The Four Counts / Big Bee Kornegay* ‎– Rock And Roll Is Good For The Soul (Champ Records), 1958
  • 7:47pm Frankenstein Stomp by Count Lorry And The Biters on Frankenstein Stomp / Grovin' With Drag (Dragon Records, Inc), (Unk
  • 7:49pm House of Horrors by Merv Griffin on House Of Horrors / Pretty Girl (Mercury), 1962
  • 7:57pm Spider Walk by The Sabres on Spider Walk / Cherry Pie ( Inferno Records), 1965
  • 7:58pm Vampire Circus Dub by Tino on Tino's Breaks Volume 6 (Hallowe'en Dub) (Tino Corp.), 2002
  • 8:02pm Ghost Dub by Tino on Tino's Breaks Volume 6 (Hallowe'en Dub) (Tino Corp.), 2002
  • 8:06pm Ghost by King Tubby on The Lost Dubs (Griffiths Records), ?
  • 8:16pm Dead Man by King Tubby on Bunny Lee Meets King Tubby & The Aggrovators (Culture Press), 1999
  • 8:17pm Vampire Dub by Beatmasta on Single (Digital Zombie), 2017
  • 8:24pm Frankenstein Dub by Los Tuches on Rocker Dub Session (Los Tunches & Namaste), 2015
  • 8:25pm Throne of Blood by Prince Jammy on Kamikazi Dub (Trojan Records), 1979
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