L2L Kim Bockius-Suwyn

Kim Bockius-Suwyn

This week, Leigh Rich and P. T. Bridgeport speak with Kim Bockius-Suwyn, executive director of the Savannah Book Festival, and get an inside scoop on the upcoming five-day event that brings together authors from around the country. We will preview the festival’s headliners and discuss the selection process and new features. This year’s festival will take place February 14–19, 2019, in various venues in downtown Savannah. Keynote speakers include George and Paula Sanders, Daniel Krauthammer, and Lynn Vincent and Sara Vladic, and more than 40 authors will be featured on “Festival Saturday.”

  • 12:55pm The Moon Is a Harsh Mistress by Charlie Haden/Pat Metheny on Beyond the Missouri Sky (Short Stories) (Verve)
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