6th Boro Playlist

  • Fridays, 3:00pm4:00pm

The 6th
Boro Playlist is a NY/NJ old style free form radio program. The no-rules sets
incorporate many forms of popular music into a hit and run hour of entertainment
for boomers, Gen X, millennials and children of all ages. The 6th
Boro Playlist is show for transplants who miss Idiot’s Delight and
natives looking for unexpected mash-ups. A saga begins. “Sir, would you like
some Cole Porter with your Led Zeppelin?”

Following a
career as a criminal defense attorney back in Jersey, Tommy Kaczka is now
retired and living with his lovely wife Patricia in historic Savannah. His kids
are employed. He is happy. So, instead of golf it’s time to get back to rock
and roll.

6th Boro Playlist
3:00pm, 4-28-2023
3:00pm, 4-21-2023
3:00pm, 4-14-2023
3:00pm, 3-31-2023
3:00pm, 3-17-2023
3:00pm, 3-10-2023
3:00pm, 2-24-2023
3:00pm, 2-10-2023
3:00pm, 2-3-2023