Lady T and Lady M Outreach Ministry

  • Every Fridays, 6:00pm7:00pm
  • Every Fridays, 7:00pm8:00pm

Outreach Ministry show interviewing local Pastors, Ministers & Community Activist with community activities and outreach programs for men, women and children of all ages to promote education, social welfare, health and spiritual awareness; and projects that support community initiatives and community development.

Lady T and Lady M Outreach Ministry
7:00pm, 7-8-2022
6:00pm, 7-8-2022
7:00pm, 7-1-2022
6:00pm, 7-1-2022
7:00pm, 6-24-2022
6:00pm, 6-24-2022
7:00pm, 6-17-2022
6:00pm, 6-17-2022
7:00pm, 6-10-2022
6:00pm, 6-10-2022